A great photography week for me.

James Bond Sunset

After blogging about having one of my pictures being included in Flickr’s #TwitterTuesday blog (Water theme) earlier this week I seem to have struck gold again and had another photograph featured in Flickr’s daily Explore gallery for the 30th of October.  For those that don’t know “Flickr Explore” is a daily listing on Flickr that captures the 500 most “Interesting” photographs of the day.  The images don’t necessarily need to have been taken that day, just uploaded to Flickr.  Flickr keep the algorithms that calculate “Interestingness” close to their chests but it is essentially a mix of number of page views, user comments and user favourites.

I’ve had the pleasure of having a number of my pictures “explored” this year and for me it’s always exciting to see, if what you felt was a great image, was also matched by the citizens of the web.  Overall when you excluded the web citizen’s obvious blind love for pictures of flowers and animals (usually pet dogs) I think there’s a correlation.  It is also very useful to prove that in order to take a good photograph you don’t need a professional camera just a good eye and a good scene.

The image here looking across the River Thames London to the MI6 and St George’s Wharf buildings next to Vauxhall Bridge was taken using my Samsung Smart Phone.  When walking along the River last week I could tell that there was going to be a clear sunset but alas did’t have my DSLR gear with me.  Never mind I thought, there was enough light to use my S3 in HDR mode and I’d probably get away with minimal noise on the picture.  So two shots later this was the result.  Not bad, possible not good enough for production quality but all in a good photograph.

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