Canon EOS 70D Review – Part 1

My Canon EOS 70D

I promised a while ago (actually a long while ago) to write-up a review of the Canon EOS 70D.  Well after finally getting some spare time here it is, well some of it.  My review is by no means a fully detailed and technical review ala DPReview just my own personal thoughts and experiences on getting to grips with Canon’s latest DSLR model.

Before going into the actual detail though I think it is worth highlighting my motivation for buying the 70D, what made me plumb for the 70D in the first place?  The first and most important factor, excluding some of the obvious “hard” criteria e.g. cost was it’s a Canon.  I wouldn’t particularly describe myself as a hardcore Canon Fanboy but the Canon setup is something I’m very familiar with.  Even in my early point and shoot camera days, I tended to favour Canon over other brands largely because the menu systems and functions were very easy to understand and navigate through.  I still think the same is very true today even-though I’ve had exposure to other brands such as Nikon and Sony.  It is important for me to thoroughly understand my equipment and how to get the most from it, so easy and logical operation and function is a must.  Additionally, having invested in my first DSLR a Canon EOS 550D/T2i  a couple of years ago I have subsequently started to invest in “decent glass” and now own a couple of L Series lenses.  So I was reluctant to move away from Canon and avoid the need to look at starting again with another brand.

So why the 70D and not another Canon model?  As mentioned above I’d owned and used my first DSLR a Canon 550D/T2i for a couple of years and having thoroughly enjoyed using it stretching my skills and the capabilities of the Camera along the way I decided it was time to look at investing in a new body.  In a utopian world the Canon 5D Mk III would have been at the top of my shopping list but alas I couldn’t warrant spending that amount of money so needed to set my sights a bit lower down the scale.

Canon EOS 6D (Courtesy Bradley Law @Flickr)

Two options at the time (prior to the 70D release being announced) came out as front runners, the Canon EOS 7D and the recently released Canon EOS 6D both fantastic cameras.  The price of the 6D was again a little too high for me but I could have stretched to it if the 6D had given me everything I wanted, sadly it was this with the cost that made me discount the 6D.  Maximum shutter speed and Frames per Second stood out to me as things I would have to compromise on with the 6D plus  I wasn’t convinced I wanted to go Full Frame at this stage, primarily because I felt the APS-C format cameras provided a bit more flexibility and I was happy to trade this for the image quality gains of a Full Frame.

Canon EOS 7D (Courtesy of Jeshurun Flores @Flickr)

So the Canon 7D was my front runner.  It’s a fantastic camera and in the back of my mind before looking into the detail of upgrading, one that I’d half expected would be my next move regardless.   The only issue for me was the Canon 7D was starting to age having been initially announced in September 2009 the camera was nearing 4 years old and the Internet was full of rumours of a soon to be announced Canon 7D MkII.  So the age old gadget dilemma kicked in, do I go for the 7D only to find out a week later that the 7D MkII is going to be released?  I decided to wait a couple of months to see how these rumours developed and then in June 2013 the rumours really started to heat up and Canon announced the arrival of the Canon EOS 70D on the 2nd of July 2013.

Hmmmmm, this now caused me a headache.  What was this new Canon 70D and how might this announcement change my options?  The first thing that grabbed my attention was the price, the new 70D (Body only) was in pretty much the same price range as the old Canon 7D.  This made me realise one important factor.  If and when Canon announce the release of the Canon 7D MkII, the entry price would unlikely fall in my range and I wasn’t prepared to wait it out, firstly for the elusive 7D MkII to be announced and then additional time for that entry price to drop down.  So the possibility of waiting for the 7D MkII was consigned to the shelf along with the option of the 6D.

So this left me with two options, the 7D or the 70D, both priced about the same new from reputable dealers and on the face of it both sporting very similar specifications.

Obviously I went for the new Canon 70D in the end but how did I reach my decision? Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll compare the specifications of the 7D and 70D and why the 70D won it for me.   Part 2 will be followed by part 3 where I’ll give you my first had impressions and opinions of the 70D.

Thanks for reading.

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