Snow Hits Coulsdon 2016

As the New York City, Washington DC and the rest of much of the US East Coast braces itself for 2ft of snow and blizzards (good luck everybody), my very own Coulsdon in Surrey experienced just enough slow last weekend to not have any real impact but to certainly make to place look beautiful.  It would be nice to have a little more (not 2ft and blizzards) beats the mild very very wet and damp winter we’ve been having.

Here are a few shots I managed to grab on an early Sunday morning stroll around the neighborhood.

Bradmore Green Pond, Old Coulsdon

Snow in Coulsdon with the Shard on the horizon

Cane Hill and Farthing Downs, Coulsdon

The 2015 Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

1903 Riley Forecar

The world’s longest running motoring event, the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.  Having started in 1896 the event has run almost every year on the first Sunday in November since.  Starting at Hyde Park, London and finishing on the Sussex coast at Brighton some 60 miles away all you need to enter is a car built before 1905!!.  All entrants are therefore over 110 years old.  Some cars are even steam powered!

I had the pleasure of a lovely autumn morning  to catch some of these cars driving past Coulsdon in Surrey.

Below are just a few shots I managed to grab, more are available on my Website

1904 Pope-Toledo

1903 Gladiator Tonneau

1904 Gladiator Side Entrance Tonneau

1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile

Newquay And Crantock from the Air

So the Easter Holidays in the UK proved a fantastic opportunity to get out of London and head to the South West of England and hit wonderful Cornwall with the family.  In tow, as the weather promised to be good, was the DJI Phantom 2 packing a GoPro Hero 3+ Black.  It was the first real opportunity to get out flying again this year.  Lets hope for a good summer and more flying time.

The following Video is a snapshot of some of the wonderful scenery that awaits travellers to the glorious South West corner of England.  Most of the video footage was taken in and around Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall, famous for its beaches and the atlantic swells that attract UK’s surfers.

GoPro Video Timelapse – Beartooth Highway

Another brief snippet from our amazing holiday this year.  This time a Timelapse  of the drive between Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana over the simply stunning Beartooth Highway US 212.  When we started the temperature was a nice 22 Deg C at the top of the pass, some 11,000ft up we hit -2 Deg C and Snow.


The Mid West American Road Trip

Wow, first off apologies for such a long hiatus, summer was very busy and blog time has been at a premium.  Finally though I expect to get a little bit of free time over the next week or so to update you all on the American Road Trip I’d mentioned in a previous post.

In short and amazing holiday/vacation plenty of photo’s taken and plenty to share in coming posts.  But for now a very quick photo summary to whet you appetites…..

Having started off on a 9 hour flight from London Heathrow.

London Heathrow

We landed for a very short initial stay at Denver

Denver Colorado

The next day we drove to Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore (Black and White)

and then onto Badlands National Park

The Badlands

before heading West towards Devils Tower

Devils Tower

where we met a large colony of Prairie Dogs

Prarie Dog

Still heading west we stopped off at the Little Bighorn battlefield.

Little Bighornand then headed over the Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass

Into the beautiful Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Falls (Landscape)

where we sat by Yellowstone lake on a moonless night and stared at the Milk Way

Yellowstone Lake Milky Way

Our next trip took us South to the Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons Mormans Row

and then on a long drive over the Rockies to Salt Lake City

Utah State Capitol Building

Another Drive took us South and East towards Moab where we visited Arches national Park

Landscape Arch, Arches National Park

… and the stunning Canyonlands National Park

Dead Horse Point Panorama, UtahNearing the end of our trip we headed east back towards Denver

Denver City

A fantastic and memorable holiday that I will never forget.  We covered 6 states experienced temperatures from -2 to 34 deg C and covered 2843 miles.



Just glad the Pilot decided to clean the screen before we headed back to London.

When I'm Cleaning Windows



Jack Bauer comes to Coulsdon with a drone’s-eye view

Hmm not sure about the Jack Bauer part.

Inside Croydon

The things you find on t’interweb…

Not sure if this is from the CIA, keeping tabs on the violent militants of Coulsdon, or surveyors working on behalf the fracking companies with licences to explore the mineral resources under Farthing Down.

Whatever, it is worth a watch for curiosity value if nothing else, as it offers a fascinating overview of the wonderful public open land to the south of our borough:

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Review – The Spyder4Elite Display Calibration Tool

If you have been having trouble getting those display settings just right on your monitor, or are finding it hard to match the display output on multiple monitors,  pop over to Cafetography and read my guest review of the Spyder4Elite Display Calibration tool by

It’s a great little device tallied with some fantastic software and so easy to use.


How time flies (as I do now)

I’ve had a really busy few months hence the complete dereliction of duty of updating my blog.  What have I been up to I hear you ask? …. nothing much just lots of work limiting my free time for Photography.

Things will hopefully start to change in the coming weeks, fingers crossed.  Since my last blog on the MUVI HD action camera, I’ve bitten the bullet and also now got a GoPro Hero 3+,  I’ll likely blog about the differences in future.  However the most exciting acquisition in recent weeks has been probably the most expensive accessory available for the GoPro…… a DJI Phantom 2 Quad!!! That’s right I’m starting to play with aerial photography/video.

This will be the subject of a number of future blogs as I get to grips with the Phantom and getting the best from it with the GoPro attached, but for now please see a little example of what is possible after only a couple of days flying…. admittedly I have flown Toy Quadcopters before but this is a different challenge entirely and a little more hairy given you have about £1000 worth of kit floating up to 1200ft up!!!!

Enjoy a snippet of the stunning Farthing Downs near Coulsdon, just 14 miles from the centre of London and stay tuned for further updates.


Product Review – Veho MUVI HD NPNG Action Camera

MUVI HD NPNG EditionHaving not particularly been in the market for an Action Camera, I seemed to have stumbled upon a bit of a bargain and now find myself the proud owner of a new Veho MUVI HD NPNG Edition cam.  So in this blog I hope to give those interested a quick run-down of the product.

I hadn’t particularly researched action cameras much, primarily because it seemed there was only one product dominating the market and this product was I felt a little bit expensive (when you added the accessories) for what it actually did.  I’m obviously talking about the GoPro Hero 3+ which admittedly produces stunning video for such a small device and lens but you are looking at spending the best part of £300 for a kit with a limited number of accessories although this does include the waterproof housing, £360 if you want a remote control for this.  The other problem or perception I had was that the competition up against the GoPro firstly didn’t match the video quality offered by th
the GoPro and secondly were priced quite highly also.

I then fortuitously stumbled upon what looked like a great offer for the Veho MUVI HD NPNG.  A full HD 1080p action camera and a tonne of accessories in their No Proof No Glory bundle edition.  Total cost, £109 from (it is still on offer!!) saving £110 on the £219 retail price and probably well over £200 cheaper than the equivalent kit via GoPro

MUVI HD NPNGAs you can see from the picture, the NPNG Edition Bundle comes supplied with enough accessories to get you out there taking video footage of all your adventures.  You have pretty much everything you would need straight out of the box although my first observation would be that it takes a little time actually working out what all the various bits are for.  The only accessory missing for me was the Suction Cup mount which allows you to mount the camera on a window or other smooth surface e.g. windscreen, car bonnet but this as an accessory is again priced very competitively when compared to a GoPro equivalent.

So what about the camera itself.  An extensive list of specifications can be found on Veho’s website, however the stand-out specs are as follows:

  • Video Modes: 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps & 30fps
  • Bit Rate: 16mbits @ 1080p 8mbits @ 720p
  • Fixed Aperture f2.5 with 170 degree field of view
  • x3 Digital zoom when recording in 720p mode
  • Built-in LCD for playback on the device
  • 4 hours battery life – Veho claim 3 hours but if turn off the LCD you can squeeze extra out
  • 8mp, 5mp, 3mp Photo Modes
  • x4 exposure modes
  • Continuous Photo shooting mode (a great way to setup multiple shots for time-lapse)

The things I would have liked to see included in the camera are a removable battery and the ability to accept lager microSD cards, the limit on the MUVI HD is 32Gb.

First thing you will notice about the MUVI HD is it is designed to be held upright like a Smartphone, the difference being that it is capturing the video in the correct landscape orientation.  This has some benefits as your grip actually feels sturdier in the hand, however it still feels a little unnatural.  The supplied remote is something I really like and of course is an optional extra on most GoPro kits.  Remote operation is simple, press the record button to record video, stop button to stop recording and the capture button to take a photo, the range of the remote is about 5m.  Note the remote is not waterproof.

The supplied Waterproof casing feels very well made and is rated to survive depths of up to 60m for 60 minutes, another great feature of the waterproof case is that it is compatible with the various mounting options either via use of a standard tripod-screw mount (another fantastic provision) or by a back plate adapter that allows you to attach belt mounts, clothing clips etc.  When the camera is the case it is very solidly housed and video record operation is via a single external button.  I would have liked to have seen the ability to capture a still photo when the camera was housed but sadly this is not possible manually, although you could set-up a delay timer but this would have significant limitations.

Watch in HD for best results

In terms of video quality the MUVI HD produces some great results.  In good lighting conditions the output is crisp and the colours look natural, video can show some noise when used in lower light conditions and I think this is one area where the GoPro really beats the competition, however output in low light situations generally is of a better quality than a high-end smartphone.

Still picture quality capture is also better than I expected there are elements of fringing in certain situations however being a DSLR user I wasn’t expecting DSLR levels of still quality.

Audio capture as expected isn’t the greatest but is passable.  To be honest nobody has managed to get sound capture right with this type of camera and why should they!! They are designed to be used is pretty “different” scenarios where audio is pretty extreme so for me at least audio capture wasn’t a high priority.

The built-in LCD screen makes operation and set-up of the camera very easy.  You can use the LCD to frame your shot or video and navigating set-up menus is much more intuitive.  Again this functionality is not possible using a GoPro without buying an optional extra or using another device such as your smartphone which means you need two hands to operate.  Once you have set your framing you can turn off the LCD screen to save on battery.

Watch in HD for best results

I mentioned the continuous still shoot mode above as being good for time-lapse, and it is a great feature.  Essentially the MUVI HD allows you to set-up the camera to take a still photo continuously at intervals of 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds.  It will happy sit there taking snaps of a scene until either you run out of capacity on the card (unlikely) or when the battery runs out.  My linked You tube video above shows the results of a 4 hours continuous shoot test which equated to one full battery charge.


Overall and considering the current offer price you can not beat this little camera especially as it comes supplied with almost all of the accessories you’d ever need.  Whilst in terms of video quality it is not as good as the GoPro Hero 3, which can now support 4k video capture, it offers a very good level of video quality.  However the main selling point for me is it also offers some great additional features above the GoPro such as the built-in LCD screen, longer battery life and that continuous shooting mode which make the device more usable, accessible and fun.

So if you are in the market for an action cam and can’t justify the expense of investing in the GoPro camera plus the additional expensive GoPro accessories the MUVI HD is a great proposition.



Other Video Footage Examples:






Tour of the American Mid-West….ish (a Photographer’s Dream)

3 weeks, 2500+ miles, 6 (possibly 7 states) and loads of fantastic photographic opportunities.  Mrs 8DCPhoto has only gone and booked the holiday (vacation) of a lifetime for the 8DC Photo Family!!!

NB:  For those states we are visiting, you can be assured that despite being Northern Europeans we will not be adopting the traditional  18th Century “Grand Tour” practices.  So your culture, art and historic relics will not be pillaged, though I may fill a few SD cards taking pictures of them all.

We’re big fans of travelling around the USA and having made 4 trips from the UK in the last 10 years we’re about to increase our experience significantly from our previous visits to the West (California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada) and Florida.  We’re confident independent travellers and usually don’t waste our precious holidays by staying at one hotel taking root by the pool or on the beach… I’d go mad after a day.  We much prefer to hire a car and plan out various places to visit and get around a bit when on holiday.

Image courtesy of the Cavender Boys

This year’s trip is no exception, but we will be racking up the mileage and ticking off some of those bucket list places as never before. So look out Colorado, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho,  Utah  and quite possibly Nebraska , the 8DCPhoto family road trip is heading your way in the summer of 2014 and I promise we’re nothing like the Griswold’s…. the mother-in-law couldn’t make it and the hire company were short of Wagon Queen Family Trucksters (see right) with roof bars.

No doubt some of you will have guessed that given the list of States we’ll be travelling through we  might possibly be hitting a few of the US’s National Parks.  We love the US National Parks, they are such a wonderful public resource that are second to none in terms of the value for money (we have the annual NPS pass booked) and facilities provided.  Whilst we have fantastic National Parks in the UK and Europe too we could learn a thing or two from the NPS in the US.

So where are we heading I hear you ask?

The Tour RouteIn short we are Flying in and out of Denver, Colorado and taking a broadly counter clockwise circular route north taking in Fort Laramie, Mt Rushmore, The Badlands, Devils Tower (I’m a great fan of Close Encounters, “Dar Dee Dar Dor Daaaaah”), Little Bighorn Battlefield, The Bear tooth pass highway, Yellowstone, the Tetons, Salt Lake City, Canyonlands and Arches, before heading back to Denver via Vail.

So as you can see we’re heading out on one hell of a road trip and I hope it will be an experience never to be forgotten especially for the younger members of the 8DC Photo Family.  I certainly intend to blog about the trip, probably on our return as I think Wi-Fi and or the mobile signal might be a little sparse in various places along the route plus I want to make the most of the break.

So why am I telling you this? I’m not boasting, though I do feel generally smug about this holiday, but what would be really great and in the interests of a photographer being prepared and planning ahead, would be for you readers whether you’re a photog or not out to make some suggestions, pass on tips let me know your own experiences. For example:

  • What are some of those off-the-track places to visit along the route?
  • What are the best sites away from the crowds in the National Parks esp in Yellowstone? whilst we have youngish kids coming along they’re not afraid of a 3-5 mile hike, I have them in training.
  • What tips can you share when visiting the towns along the way, where to eat quirky places to see? To help you out we will be staying in Denver CO, Custer SD, Rapid City SD, Sheridan WY, Red Lodge MT, In the Park at Yellowstone, Jackson Hole WY, Salt Lake City UT, Moab UT and Vail CO.
  • Is there anything we should consider visiting in North West Nebraska around Alliance, Scottsbluff or Chadron? We’re currently skirting past Nebraska and I feel compelled to grab another state while we’re there.
  • What kit should I take with me? As a minimum I’m thinking my Canon EF 24-105 L (general walkabout Lens), Canon EF 100-400 L (Wildlife in the Parks) and my Sigma 10-20 (for Landscapes).  Obviously my Tripod will be packed but is it worth taking a fast prime e.g. my Sigma 30mm F1.4?

So please feel free to pass on your tips by commenting on this post, any will be greatly appreciated especially if you’re local along the route, locals always know best.

Thanks for reading and if you’re a resident of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah or South Dakota keep an eye out for a family of 4 Brits in an SUV hitting your streets around August and September this year.


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