8DCPhotography Now on Dreamstime.com

After my last blog entry highlighting my foray into Stock Photography I’m pleased to announce that I now have a profile on www.dreamstime.com with a few of my first images being accepted into their stock.  Why not pop along to have a look at my profile 8DCPhoto@dreamstime or give it a go yourself via the Registration Page, it’s free!!

I’ll keep everybody posted as to how I do, it’s just an experiment for now and to be honest a bit more exposure and potential sales are all a good thing.

Thanks for reading and in my next blog I hope to cover my first experience as a Wedding Photographer….. which I did as a favour for a friend, despite all good advice suggesting to avoid like the plague.

Stock Photos

Stock Photo Websites

So I thought I’d give a stock photo site a try to see if anybody was willing to part with money for a select few of my  images.   I read a review on Steve’s Digicams and decided that the Dreamstime site sounded like it fitted the bill so off I went, created an account (8dcphoto…. look me up) and started uploading.

Uploading can be completed using one of three methods.

– Single file upload
– multiple files upload
– ftp upload

I’d recommend not using the multiple upload script in the website as my browser threw up a number of java warnings about the script…. probably, badly coded. FTP worked a treat though.

Technically you are supposed to tag and title your images via metadata prior to ftp upload but I left this part of the process until they got to the site.

Titling, tagging and categorising images is easy and Dreamstime provides a nunber of options regarding the licensing rights you are offering but be sure to read the detail fully as you can quite easily provide Dreamstime will full reseller rights.

Overall this part of the process was easy. As with most stock sites I now have to wait with baited breath to see if my images make the grade which current estimates suggest will take about another 4 days.

I’ll update you all on progress over the next few days but feel free to comment and offer up tips and advice re stock sites, I’m a newbie so any advice would be great.

One last thing. I’m writing this blog at 37, 000 feet above the North Sea!!!! On my way to Sweden and the Wifi on Norweigan Air not only works but is free also…..

Happy Days