Who’s stolen my images…. UPDATE

In my last blog I mentioned treading the newly laid path of discovery around copyright infringement having spotted two of my images being incorrectly used or licensed on-line.  So what happened I here you say.  Well I contacted both sites with a polite yet professional email stating I had been made aware that my images were being hosted on their website and that the licensing for their use was incorrect.  I politely requested that they get in touch to discuss options and gave 28 days notice before I would start proceedings for a DMCA Take-down notice with their respective hosting companies.

In the instance were creative commons was being used incorrectly the companies rectified the problem gave me correct attribution and linked back to my site.

In the instance were an All Rights Reserved Image had been modified and re-used on the front cover of a PDF brochure the company responded by removing the content.  In this instance I supposed I could have taken if further as they had been using this image for a few months but I decided against it given they responded promptly and removed my images.

So lesson to all – keep a regular eye out for your copyrighted images on-line, know your stuff and always be polite and professional.