More photo exposure, @Flickr #TwitterTuesday

Project 365 #302 – The James Bond Sunset

Thought I’d insert a “quick break” blog entry before the final part of my Canon EOS 70D review.  Flickr‘s #TwitterTuesday blog seems to be a great place to get exposure for your images stored on Flickr, assuming your image is selected of course.  Since discovering the #TwitterTuesday blog a few weeks ago all of the images I’ve submitted have featured in the final blog….. probably more luck than skill.

This week’s #TwitterTuesday theme was #CityScape and my submitted image, from my Project 365 Set not only has been Explore’d on Flickr but has now feature on the latest blog, great for my viewing stats (currently standing at 2993 views).

The best lesson that you can take from this image is that it wasn’t taken with a £1000+ DSLR with a £600 lens, it was a taken using my Smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S3.  So I guess there’s some truth in the saying “the best camera is the one you have with you”.  I wasn’t lugging my DSLR with me when I took the picture but I was in the right place at the right time and spent a couple of minutes thinking about the composition before taking a single shot.

So to “all the gear no idea” guys that are out there, try testing yourself leave the gear at home and try taking some decent images with “the camera you have with you” or force yourself to only use a prime lens for a while, you might be surprised by the results and you’ll certainly improve your “eye” and understanding of a scene better to get that shot you want.

Thanks for reading and check back next week for the final part of my Canon EOS 70D Review.

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